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Stampwheel Stamping Positioning Tool by Altenew

Stampwheel Stamping Positioning Tool by Altenew

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Altenew's Stampwheel Stamping Positioning Tool is a must-have for any crafter looking for a quick and efficient way to stamp. This game-changing tool features a clear flip plate with 16 equal intervals locked into place and a high-quality photopolymer sticky mat to ensure your paper and stencils stay where you need them. Create wreaths, layer stamps, and more with consistent results and minimal effort. Get creative with the Stampwheel!

What’s included in the box:

  1. Stampwheel Clear Flip Plate - 10⅞” x 10⅞”
  2. Stampwheel - Ultra Sticky Mat: Grid - 7½” x 7½”
  3. Stampwheel Base | 9” x 9” x ½”

Don't forget these accessories for your Stampwheel: Low Tack Sticky Mat-Grid, Ultra Sticky Mat and Center Alignment Guides.

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