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Tim Holtz Recoil Scissors 9.5 Inch - Tonic

Tim Holtz Recoil Scissors 9.5 Inch - Tonic

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Experience unparalleled control and assisted cutting with the new Tim Holtz® 9.5 inch Recoil Scissors! With easy-change tension springs and titanium-coated, double-beveled blades, these scissors offer hours of comfortable use and precise cutting for all your creative projects. Get ready for the best cutting performance yet!

 Recoil Scissors–designed to offer unparalleled control and ease of use.

 Kushgrip comfort with large handles to prevent hand fatigue.

Titanium coating of the blades prevents corrosion and minimizes adhesive build-up when cutting sticky medium.

 Double beveled non serrated blades to perform the perfect cut.

 Comes with 2 assisted cutting, tension springs-choose the perfect tension for your grip.

 Blade safety cap to keep the product safe when not in use.

 Overall product length 24.1cm / 9.5"

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